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Aspen Meadow

This song is instrumental


One of our favorite hikes in the Black Hills we call, "Aspen Meadow". It's a place we love to take our doggies, a place with lots of wonderful memories that include our sweet Golden Retriever Abbey, who just passed away in the early part of 2021. 

The sounds are remarkable there. When the aspen are all leafed-out, they shimmer and whisper as the winds pick up and shift and die back down. You can hear that sound at the beginning, middle and end of this piece composed by Nana (Sheryl Simpson). You may also hear birds, grasses and even an occasional buzzing bee.

Nana composed this on the piano just after we lost Abbey, so Abbey's happy presence runs all through this sunny instrumental. We hope you'll enjoy this piece, and imagine this beautiful meadow surrounded by aspen-- and Abbey running through and playing with us and our other doggies. We hope you'll visit the Black Hills sometime with your family. You can certainly visit all the wonderful tourist attractions... but don't miss finding your own private little meadow or nook of forest in which to while away a sunny afternoon!

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