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Dream Trail

This song is instrumental

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When our daughters were little, we used to play imagination games. Often, that meant putting on or playing live some music while someone improvised a story or a song. 

Imagination and divergent thinking are things human beings are born doing well, but we often lose a lot of our capacity for being imaginative as we learn the lessons of conformity, or being "wrong" or being "embarrassed". 

Night time is often when we gift our brains by allowing them to do the imaginative work we hold them back from during the work of the day. Our brains need that time to run free, to experiment with ideas or images that don't always fit well in our rational, day-time work and lives. We sort though problems, work out ideas and explore possibilities as we sleep and dream. 

We can do that while awake as well-- if we allow ourselves to and if we continue to develop our imaginative muscles. Parents and grandparents can help children to never feel like they have to lose the capacity and enjoyment of imagination by modeling and actively promoting imaginative play. We hope Dream Trail with its wide-open and shifting sound landscape will be a useful tool for imaginative play-- for you and for the children you love! During the day or just before bed are both great times to prime the imagination for the much-needed work of free and open creating!

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