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Since 2017's YouTube project, "Scott Sings Trump Tweets," I've been looking for the right time and the right approach for making a few of these 30 improvised songs (1 tweet per day for a month) into a full-fledged album. Now's the time... before this next midterm election... with YOUR help!

I need to narrow the selection from 30 to 12 for this 2022 "Trump Tweets" album. I've already chosen the first song (a free mp3 download for YOU, here: https://bit.ly/FREETrump-mp3) the survey with the rest of the originals from 2017 and boxes to mark YOUR recommendations for the remaining 11 to revamp for the album is here: https://bit.ly/TrumpTweetSurvey

In "collaborating with my younger self" tradition, I'll take your suggestions and narrow the group of songs and then take those original recordings into the studio and "adorn" them with additional instrumentation and vocal harmonies for a fully arranged and produced song FOR the 2022 Trump Tweets album! Check out the result in the Trump Tweets Project Demo Video above featuring the work I’ve done on “The White House is Running Very Well.”

I couldn't find a suitable English word for "negative nostalgia" but that's what l'm feeling about these Tweets. I’m finding that they resonate much more viscerally for me on this side of the last administration. Beyond that, I'm hoping this broader project may help us remember and understand the mistakes of the past... and not repeat them. Thanks for your help!