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Berries & Thistles

Release date: July 1, 2023

In February of 2022, I participated in the annual February Album Writing Month (FAWM) songwriting collective and documented my songwriting process for 14 songs in this documentary film.

Soon after, I became very busy writing and recording songs for my work with Songfinch and couldn't find the time to take the songs I'd written earlier into the studio to produce them. After 2023's FAWM, with Songfinch orders having slowed, I finally was able to give these songs focus in the studio.

I chose not to include 4 of the original 14, but added 4 that were written since. I also made the decision to lean into more of a Rock feel with my production (Blues-rock, Folk-rock and perhaps Alt-rock depending on the song).

The title song deals with the spread of both berries and thistles by birds, the presence of both berries and thistles in all that we do, and the knowledge that living will always include both berries and thistles.

The album itself, I hope, will be much like many of my summer hikes in the Black Hills: round a corner in the path and a hillside of raspberry bushes opens up. Suddenly a full hour has passed, your hands are stained, sweetness on your lips... and soon you're aware of the little thorns, burrs and thistles in your clothing you've picked up while enjoying this surprise treat.


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