Dancin' Moon Music Projects

Folk Rock Remasters

Recorded, mixed and remastered at Dancin' Moon Studio, Folk Rock Remasters is a compilation, remaster retrospective of “Folk-Rock” tracks from among the 31 albums I’ve recorded over the last 21 years. The oldest track was first released in 2002 and the most recent was released in early 2021. Read More.

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Nanapapa: Here We Go Now

Music for kids, and the adults who love them...

Get the stories behind each single here.


Ozzie's Guitar 20 Years Later

Started in the summer of 2019 and finished up during the CovID-19 pandemic social distancing, this album has, in many ways, been percolating for 20 years. Album number 28, it celebrates the 20th Anniversary of my first album, Ozzie’s Guitar, by bringing 20 years of experience into a novel reimagining of those same songs... Read More.

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Hymnautica:  Items related to the navigation of hymns.


The spiritual and cultural music of my growing up years embedded itself in my bones. It’s the soundtrack to my identity; it vibrates with a familiarity and a warmth that’s more centered in my body than in my consciousness... Read More.

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Keys to My Head

12 images, 12 sounds, 12 songs, mostly written at the start or during the early stages of the pandemic. Intimate mixes, lots of nylon (guitar and uke)... Read More.


Being Human Albums & Journals

Of course, the easiest way to use the songs on these albums is simply to find a time to relax and listen. Listen to one, if you have only a bit of time; make your own playlist, or set them on shuffle if you have a bit more time. The journal, on the other hand, invites you into an opportunity to consider just a bit about the origin of each particular piece, and offers you a set of “invitational” questions to pique your reflection or journaling during or after your listening... Read More.