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Scott Simpson Songfinch Artist Page

One-of-a-kind, wow moments-- the Songfinch artist community will turn your stories and memories into a custom song for just $199.

Artist: Scott Simpson, Spearfish, SD, United States-- Folk

Scott Simpson is a songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, educator and indie music producer who lives in Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He’s been songwriting and recording songs since age six or seven, and since 2000, has produced and released more than 30 albums (most available on all digital outlets).

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Songs for Human Beings 3

Release: 04/01/23

Since June 2022, I've had the privilege-- through being a Songfinch Artist-- of turning strangers' stories, loves and occasions into songs (as well as a few who are friends and family).

This third album in the series includes songs written for a wide swath of human beings-- a former inmate and his prison pen-pal, a military chief of staff, married graphic designers, a Martha's Vineyard grandma, a tiny real estate broker and her giant husband, a pair of whiskey aficionados, and a couple that began their relationship at the zoo (to mention a few). Love and life shared with others is at the center of most of these songs... with a couple of surprises sprinkled in for good measure.

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Songs for Human Beings

Release date: 09-12-2022

Since June 2022, I've had the privilege-- through being a Songfinch Artist-- of turning strangers' stories, loves and occasions into songs (as well as a few who are friends and family).

Their stories and insights and quirky lives have inspired me in surprising ways. I've been energized by getting to work with pieces of their stories and experiences musically. 

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Songs for Human Beings Cover Art

Four Restored

I began publishing music in 2000. For various reasons, four of my early albums currently only exist in less-than-pristine digital versions in the public sphere. As I was gearing up for a new studio album of original songs (summer 2022) I decided to rectify this problem with those early albums...

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Hymnautica:  Items related to the navigation of hymns.


The spiritual and cultural music of my growing up years embedded itself in my bones. It’s the soundtrack to my identity; it vibrates with a familiarity and a warmth that’s more centered in my body than in my consciousness... Read More.

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Keys to My Head

12 images, 12 sounds, 12 songs, mostly written at the start or during the early stages of the pandemic. Intimate mixes, lots of nylon (guitar and uke)... Read More.


Being Human Albums & Journals

Of course, the easiest way to use the songs on these albums is simply to find a time to relax and listen. Listen to one, if you have only a bit of time; make your own playlist, or set them on shuffle if you have a bit more time. The journal, on the other hand, invites you into an opportunity to consider just a bit about the origin of each particular piece, and offers you a set of “invitational” questions to pique your reflection or journaling during or after your listening... Read More.


Berries & Thistles

Release: July 2023

The title song deals with the spread of both berries and thistles by birds, the presence of both berries and thistles in all that we do, and the knowledge that living will always include both berries and thistles.

The album itself, I hope, will be much like many of my summer hikes in the Black Hills: round a corner in the path and a hillside of raspberry bushes opens up. Suddenly a full hour has past, your hands are stained, sweetness on your lips... and soon you're aware of the little thorns, burrs and thistles in your clothing you've picked up while enjoying this surprise treat.

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Songs for Human Beings 2

Pre-Order: 01/01/23

Release: 01/15/23

Since June 2022, I've had the privilege-- through being a Songfinch Artist-- of turning strangers' stories, loves and occasions into songs (as well as a few who are friends and family).

This second album in the series includes a number of songs composed for international clients... German, Indian, Libyan, Jordanian.​ In my thinking, this album is a celebration of the breaking down of barriers, borders and boundaries.

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Virtue is a haiku cycle and series of flute compositions inspired by seven teachings of the Lakota /Dakota people. These are NOT indigenous writings or songs, but rather poems and instrumental compositions pointing to and honoring the Elders and the teachings I've been able to spend time with over the last decade of my work in indigenous education in South Dakota and North Dakota. 

If you are interested in learning more about indigenous teachings and culture, you should seek out indigenous Elders or culture-bearers as your guide. One place to start is the site where you can listen to hundreds of video interviews with indigenous Elders.

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Folk Rock Remasters

Recorded, mixed and remastered at Dancin' Moon Studio, Folk Rock Remasters is a compilation, remaster retrospective of “Folk-Rock” tracks from among the 31 albums I’ve recorded over the last 21 years. The oldest track was first released in 2002 and the most recent was released in early 2021. Read More.

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Nanapapa: Here We Go Now

Music for kids, and the adults who love them...

Get the stories behind each single here.


Ozzie's Guitar 20 Years Later

Started in the summer of 2019 and finished up during the CovID-19 pandemic social distancing, this album has, in many ways, been percolating for 20 years. Album number 28, it celebrates the 20th Anniversary of my first album, Ozzie’s Guitar, by bringing 20 years of experience into a novel reimagining of those same songs... Read More.

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