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Four Restored​

I began publishing music in 2000. For various reasons, four of my early albums currently only exist in less-than-pristine digital versions in the public sphere. As I was gearing up for a new studio album of original songs (summer 2022) I decided to rectify this problem with those early albums ("Ozzie's Guitar"- 2000, "Topo"- 2001, "Circuitous"- 2004 & "Before the Great Divide"- 2005) by doing some studio restoration work on the original masters and releasing them all in one big digital box set!

Released May 25th, 2022, you can now stream or purchase the 47 songs included in "Four Restored" wherever you get your digital music.

Part of moving forward as an artist is giving honor to your past artistic milestones. I'm excited for you to hear this music in a freshly-restored form!

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