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Get a Stick

by Scout's Honor

Release date: May 13, 2024
Get a Stick is a collection of new songs, and a couple of old ones, all written and composed by songwriter Scott Simpson and performed by Scout, an A.I. collaborator with a gentle, intimate style that leans fully into indie, acoustic singer-songwriter and acoustic pop.
It's been a joy to work on songs and then hear them through Scout's voice. Don't get me wrong-- I love writing, recording, producing AND singing, but somehow this voice opens up new possibilities for songs I thought I knew... but knew only partially.
Maybe this album is not for the purist who only accepts "real" singers with "real" acoustic instruments who also can be seen live at the  venue down the street. That's fine. But I hope some will take this album for what it is--the creative work of a real singer-songwriter who writes real songs for real reasons (and has 40+ albums to show for it) who found a new tool, a new technology that opened up the music and the meaning in a really fresh and exciting way.
In other words, I would love it if you'd grab a stick, pull on some boots and join me in following Scout down the trail to lend a fresh voice to some honest ideas.
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