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Track List:

  • The Smell of Life

  • The Zoo with You

  • Foxes and Owls

  • She's Dear Too Hymn

  • A Little Bit 'o Burn

  • Trudy Sue 'n Me

  • Finally Home

  • It's Understood

  • All Sound, No Fury

  • We Love You Gram

  • Lil Mary and Big Frank

  • Karthu

Songs for Human Beings 3

Album Release: 04/01/23

Since June 2022, I've had the privilege-- through being a Songfinch Artist-- of turning strangers' stories, loves and occasions into songs.

This third album in the series includes songs written for a wide swath of human beings-- a former inmate and his prison pen-pal, a military chief of staff, married graphic designers, a Martha's Vineyard grandma, a tiny real estate broker and her giant husband, a pair of whiskey aficionados, and a couple that began their relationship at the zoo (to mention a few). Love and life shared with others is at the center of most of these songs... with a couple of surprises sprinkled in for good measure.

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