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Your Custom Song Details

This is YOUR part of our collaboration.

Give me your story and your vision for our song!


Check the details you would like to have included in the song.
What musical style do you think this song should be?
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What emotional tone should this song have?
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Need it for Christmas?
Order by December 18, 2023

There's nothing better than a song that hits just right!


Most of the time, the songs we listen to are great songs written by people we don't personally know who also don't know us-- or our story. That's what's so great about having a "custom" song written... it's as close to YOU being able to write your own song as possible (if you aren't a musician or songwriter yourself).


It's also great for me. I've written hundreds of songs (I have published more than 40 albums) and nothing has been more energizing for my creative process that getting the privilege of working with stories gifted to me by others who want a song written for a special person or occasion. I get to write songs and deal with subjects and situations that might never have occured to me without that gift!


I'm ready to go-- give me your story and let's make a song!

How does this work?

Curious about what a custom song involves? It's pretty straightforward. I create a song inspired by your unique story. Just let me know your theme, and I'll craft an original song with lyrics, melody, harmony and instrumentation.

For $175, you'll receive your personalized song and an instrumental version in 4-7 days as high-quality mp3 files with a printable lyric sheet in your inbox. This price level gives you a song no less than two minutes and thirty seconds long with at least two verses and a chorus repeated three times. If you want three verses, that cost is $215. If you want something longer or different than that, let me know!

If you're not satisfied, let's talk. If it's my mistake, I'll make it right. If you've changed your mind about something, or want something a little different, we can adjust for an extra fee.

To get the song you'll love, provide clear details in the "Order Your Custom Song" form. Let's make the song that's perfect for you!

Getting the Details Right

Once you're ready, just fill out the "Order You Custom Song" form on this page, hit "order now" and you'll be taken to the cart to pay your fee by Credit Card or PayPal. I'll receive your notes and begin my work of songwriting, recording, arranging, mastering and producing your customized song to fit YOUR details. I'll do my best to do what I do well-- make a great song. You will have done your best in telling me the story and details behind that great song!

What Do My Custom Songs Sound Like?

Good question! I can't tell you exactly what yours will sound like (it's not written and recorded yet) but I can give you more than a few examples of custom songs I've written for other people who gave me the same kinds of details that I'm asking of you. If you hear one of my songs that you like, let me know at the end of the form on the "additional details" question. I can aim for a similar style, instrumentation or vibe on the song we make together! Almost all of my custom songs have become a part of my Songs for Human Being series of albums. I retain full rights to the songs I write, but you will have rights to use your song in any way you want! Your song may end up on a future "Songs for Human Beings" album too, and be streamable on Spotify, Apple and everywhere else. You can sample all of those albums here:​

Let's get started!

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