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Living Things Shanty

Gather quickly boys and girls
The weather is dark and the wind, she swirls
Still your hands and plant your feet
While the waves compose a riotous beat!

Hey dilly hi the sea's alive!
The fish and the corals they help us thrive
So kick up your heals and the planks will sing
With the song of living things!

Open your eyes to the ribbon of shore
The sand and trees and pools and more
Breathe in the air full of spray and sun
Then toss your shoes and go for a run!

Hey dilly hey the jungle's the way!
We can find every trail 'til the end of the day.
Wiggle your toes in the sand and sing
The song of living things!

Wrap up your heads my ladies and gents
Pull on your coats and hoist your tents
The mountains call, the forest, the bear
Up past the tree line, way up there!

Hey dilly ho the ice and snow!
The animals sleep, but in spring they know
We'll leap with our boots and the trail will sing
The song of living things!


Out on the plains the buffalo grass
A wide sky means the day will last
Prairie dog towns and rivers so wide
You'll wade all day to reach the other side.

Down to the desert we'll look for shade
The cactus, lizards and the snakes have it made
The flowers bloom and the insects buzz
Got to make our water last as desert does!

Hey dilly hoo this song's for you
Call your family, they're invited too
Hey dilly hoy all the girls and the boys
All living things can join the noise!
Hey dilly hi the world's alive
Dancin' together's how we all can thrive
Take a big breath, get ready to sing
The song of living things...

Take a big breath and let's all sing
The song of living things!

Living Things Shanty Cover.PNG

Long before becoming a recent #shantytok craze, shanties were the traditional work songs of the big sailing ships of an earlier era. Like other work songs, they gave workers both a rhythm to make the tasks go smoothly, and some good natured competition and laughter to keep the work a bit more enjoyable.

Nanapapa's Living Things Shanty definitely starts in the sea, but moves progressively to the shore, the jungle, the mountains, the prairies and eventually, to the deserts-- all the places where life thrives on our planet! 

Living Things Shanty is a fun sing-a-long song with a message about appreciating and enjoying environments, staying alive, and thriving through seeing ourselves as part of a big network or family of living things. The "work" of this shanty is simply a rowdy celebration of being alive on this amazing planet with all the other members of our life-family.

It's a fast-moving, lyric-packed song with a few tongue-twisting sections... but if Nana & Papa can wrap their lips and tongues around it, then even the crustiest of pirates can sure give it a try!

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